Over Medication; Grandma is on Drugs

It is very interesting this hypochondriac attitude which permeates our society? The power of suggestion is alive and well? "Do not feel good today, take a drug?" Oh that made you feel a different way? Take another drug? Oh those two together caused another feeling you do not like, my oh my, here is a third drug? You know these tests prove conclusive that this is not working and something is wrong, we should try this other drug too? Crazy, are you buying all this.

I remember visiting my grandmother's friend who had a drug regiment, she took something like 13 different pills some every 4 hours, some every six, some every 8, one every twelve and the rest once per day? My gosh, I was surprised she could even keep up with all this. She said oh, the doctor has her on a very special plan. Oh, yah that is real special indeed?

I doubt she has to worry about getting run over by a reindeer this next Christmas, she will be at home safe taking her pills, just like the doctor told her?

I got to thinking that was quite expensive too, who is paying for all this anyway? But it did not take long to figure out, because as soon as my grandmother's friend explained it to us she shut the medicine cabinet door and there was a mirror on it of course, I looked at the mirror with a glance and then I had my answer. Think about it.

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