Defective Heart Defibrillators Recalled by Guidant Corporation

On June17, 2005 Guidant Corporation recalled close to 50,000 heart defibrillators worldwide because of potential malfunctions that could cause injury or death. This recall comes in the wake of two recent deaths among patients who were implanted with Guidant defibrillators. It is believed that Guidant Corporation failed to inform doctors and patients that the defibrillators contained a defect that could cause them to short-circuit.

The recalled Guidant defibrillators models include:

Prizm 2 DR, Model 1861, manufactured on or before April 16, 2002

Contak Renewal, Model H135, manufactured on or before August 26, 2004

Contak Renewal 2, Model H155, manufactured on or before August 26, 2004

Prizm AVT Vitality SVT Renewal 3

AVT Renewal 4 AVT

On June 24, Guidant issued an advisory concerning these additional defibrillator devices:

Contak Renewal 3 and 4

Renewal 3 and 4 AVT

Renewal RF

Guidant admits that they discovered the defect as early as 2002. However, even though they changed the manufacturing of the devices, they continued to sell the defective defibrillators without notifying the doctors or patients of the defects.

Although Guidant has conducted this recall, they have not yet advised whether implanted defibrillators should be replaced. The Food and Drug Administration has advised patients to take the following steps:

1. Contact your doctor immediately to determine if your defibrillator is a model being recalled by Guidant.

2. Keep your regularly scheduled doctor appointments.

3. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience an electrical shock from your defibrillator.

4. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice a beeping sound coming from your defibrillator.

If you believe that you have been administered a defective defibrillator, the first thing you need to do is consult your doctor. You may need to have your defective defibrillator removed. You should then seek legal advice.

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Do not miss your opportunity to be part of a defective defibrillator claim against Guidant.

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