After Viagra, Its Now a Premature Orgasm Pill for Women

Pfizer's exciting drug history traces back to the most popular Viagra drug, which treats erectile dysfunction in men. Now, they are gearing up to hit the bull's eye with a new premature orgasm pill for women.

Orgasm is a moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse. According to research studies by Pfizer, women suffer from a condition called premature orgasm, where she reaches the peak of sexual excitement before she wishes. The woman's lack of control affects her sexual performance. They don't realize it many a times and men keep quiet about it. Pfizer's years of study and experiments have found a fruitful result in the new premature orgasm treatment drug. This drug will prolong orgasm in women and reaching a climax during sexual activities will take its own sweet time. The new drug also showed enhanced lubrication, more sexual arousal and less pain. Side effects trouble in the form of headaches and vision problems. Visit this link to get more information about Cialis.

A recent study administered at the University of Chicago suggested that more women suffer from sexual dysfunctions than men. 43 percent of women between the age group of 18 to 39 are affected by sexual dysfunction.

Main causes of sexual dysfunctions in women

? Lack of intimacy between her and the partner

? Psychological factors like closeness, depression, worry etc affects her sexual performance

? Physical factors include injury or other disabilities

There is a huge market for female sexual dysfunction drugs. After Pfizer, Eli Lilly may also start with plans to develop sexual pills for women. Eli Lilly developed the erectile Dysfunction drug called Cialis for men. Drug manufacturers may now think forward to clone a female Viagra alternative and develop treatment drugs for sexual dysfunction in women. Experts say most of her disabilities in sex life stem from the brain. So, a drug which would enhance her sexual passion and make her more open to active sexual activities will prove to be the perfect pill for her sexual delight. To know more about

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